Velimo Hotel

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Highly customizable mobile app for hotels


Velimo Hotel is a Whitelabel app built for hotels. The main selling point is allowing hotels to implement fast a digital solution which fits their needs. The features set include: mobile check-in, room service, service requests, staff chat, smart QR door unlock, mood lighting and other functionalities.


  1. Fast and easy setup for hotel managers
  2. Customize content and features
  3. Run on smart TVs






USA, Deutschland

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One of the main challenges was to make the customization process as fast and easy as possible, and also keep the abundance of changes that a Whitelabel solution offers.

Usually, when creating a new flavor from a Whitelabel app, a considerable effort is needed. Our objective was to reduce this effort as much as possible and allow the hotel manager to customize over 90% of the app.

We achieved by using WordPress as a central hub for the app configuration.

Another challenge was to have a consistent look, feel and functionality for TVs. The technology choice allowed us to build the TV app with low friction and effort. More on technology later.


Technical Overview

The core technologies of this project are WordPress and React Native.

The reason behind choosing WordPress (WP from now on) is having a highly customizable app which pulls its config data from the WP API. The WP Admin is used to create the app configuration items, like: primary and secondary color, menu items, features set, company logo, company name, etc.

We went with React Native (RN from now on) for building the app because if its ability to yield fast results. RN is a very powerful technology which allows having only one codebase that gets compiled to Native iOS and Native Android apps. This means a couple of advantages: less code to maintain, less developers to pay, less time spent developing a new feature, less opportunities for bugs, and the list can go on.

In conjunction with Redux, RN offers a very reliable foundation for building modern apps.

Some of the features we built: offline mode, push notifications, smart QR code door unlock, ambient lighting controls (based on Philips Hue), 1 to 1 chat, local persistence, offline mode, and others.

A more comprehensive list of technologies we used for building the app: react, react-native, redux, react-redux, redux-persist, redux-thunk, react-navigation, styled-components, ramda, babel, and others.



From the client perspective, the outcome is a highly customizable, stable and modern app. From our perspective, the project is easy to maintain and to extend.