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Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to add new functionality to an existing app - Appes has the skills to bring your idea from the drawing board to reality.

Asking the right questions

What is the problem you are trying to solve? What’s the best way to approach it? Should you go for a web-based app, mobile, or both? What’s the most reliable tech to support it? How will you scale if needed?

We guide you through the planning stage, identify the key requirements and match them to solutions.

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Who we are

Appes = apps plus evolution.

We’re a curious bunch of techies, designers, and thinkers who delight in creating innovative solutions to novel problems. With each project, we look beyond the present-day requirement to craft apps that will evolve to meet future challenges.

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Ideas we’ve helped to evolve


Innovation platform for accelerators and organizations

We helped Babele improve user experience and increase user retention by optimizing the design and performance of their social innovation platform.

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Velimo Hotel

Customizable guest services app

We created an intuitive mobile and smart TV app to deliver in-room content, mobile check-in, service requests, staff chat, smart QR door unlock, mood lighting control, and more.

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Wain Logistics

Deliver items to the client within an hour

We architected a comprehensive app to handle ordering, real-time delivery tracking, identifying the optimal shipping provider, and integration with partner vendors.

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Our process
  1. Analyze the problem
  2. Evaluate solutions
  3. Make recommendations


Collaboration is the key to our process - we take the time to discuss and analyze your ideas until we’re confident we understand exactly what you need. Then, we look at the problem from all angles, proposing a range of solutions and identifying the approach which best fits your unique needs and future plans.

Sometimes the best solution might not be to work with us - we’ll always be honest and steer you in the right direction.

  1. Research and design
  2. Develop and test
  3. Deploy and maintain


Once we’ve chosen the solution, we’ll start on the practical decisions: system architecture, technologies, scalability, costs, etc. With a defined project in place, we begin an iterative development process, keeping you in the loop throughout. When the final product is complete, we support you through testing, launch, and lifetime maintenance.

Need more detail? Download our deck of services and capabilities.

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People we’ve worked with

Find out what our clients actually think about Appes

Emanuele Musa

Babele ↗︎

Appes was successful and user retention increased. Internal stakeholders are pleased with the tool. The project management, adaptability, and hands-on approach were all impressive. They were very effective in coordinating with Babele's team.

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