Are you going app?

It could be that you need an app developed from scratch or to enhance an existent one to better fit your needs. Either way, packing for such a journey can be confusing.

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Gain Digital Clarity

What is the problem you are trying to solve? Do you really need a custom app for that? Should you go for a web based app, mobile or both? What’s the most reliable tech that will allow you to scale if needed? A great plan makes the ride enjoyable and that’s how we do things.

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Appes is all about apps and evolution.

We are a tribe of curios and agile tech enthusiasts driven to build web and mobile solutions fit to specific goals. Our purpose is to help organizations take advantage of the right technologies to craft the kind of apps that can go a long way.

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Ideas We Helped Evolve


Innovation platform for accelerators and organisations

Babele is a company which helps accelerators and organisations manage projects with social impact.

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Velimo Hotel

Highly customizable mobile app for hotels

An app that runs on smart TVs and provides a fast and easy setup. Allows content customization and has features like: mobile check-in, service requests, staff chat, smart QR door unlock , mood lighting control, so on.

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Deliver items to the client within an hour

The system includes features like: placing orders, tracking in real time orders and deliveries, select the most convenient delivery company, offer integration with 3rd party vendors and others.

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Work Process
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  1. Analyze Problem
  2. Prescribe Solutions
  3. Make Recommendations


We discuss and analyze the problem with you until we gain a in-depth understanting of what you actually need. We will then come up with a number of solutions and recommend you the one that best fits your needs and future plans. Sometimes, the solution might actually be better implemented with someone else. If that’s the case, we’ll let you know.

  1. Research, Design, Architect
  2. Develop Backend and Frontend
  3. Deploy & Maintain


After we choose the right path to solve your challenge, we will start planning: system architecture, technologies, scalability, costs - we’ll consider all kind of things. This stage is followed by an iterative development and when the product is done, we’ll help you launch, perfect and maintain it for as long as necessary.

Looking for details? Download our deck of services and capabilities.

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People we helped gain clarity and develop apps for the future:

Emanuele Musa

Babele ↗︎

Appes was successful and user retention increased. Internal stakeholders are pleased with the tool. The project management, adaptability, and hands-on approach were all impressive. They were very effective in coordinating with the client's team.

So, Are You Going App?

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