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Social innovation platform for accelerators and organisations


Babele is a business which helps accelerators and organisations manage projects with social impact. This is achieved using a web platform, which offers a structured way for organising people, ideas and resources and methodologies. Some core features of the platform are: discussions, post feeds, notifications, progress tracking, business model collaboration, KPI tracking and much more. The client approached us with a major pain: the platform was slow, difficult to use and unnapealing.


  1. Improve UI/UX
  2. Speed up loading times and make the platform snappy and usable
  3. Make adding new features less expensive




Startups, Social Innovation



Tech Stack




To achieve the project goals, we decided to rebuild the front-end of this platform, from scratch.

An important discovery in this process was the fact that not all the features available in the legacy platform were relevant for the business anymore, so we helped the client understand what's important and what not.

A major consequence is a leaner product - leaving behind old features and bad UI/UX patterns is an interesting yet benefic outcome.

It can be challening to say no and filter out unnecessary features, but in this case it led to a modern and functional UI.

Another challenge was to make the new platform faster and snappier, expecially when the back-end isn't always performing great.


Technical Overview

The core technologies we chose are ReactJS and Typescript.

The architecture was heavily influenced by two big criterias: performance and it ease of feature-set expansion.

So we choose ReactJS as the foundation which led to a modular architecture and to high performance. TypeScript eliminated certain error classes and allowed a team of 4 to write consistent code.

For state management we used Redux, and for event steams RxJS. This two libraries combined makes state management an easy and modular process.

The views are derived from Semantic UI and styled with styled-components.



1. The client does not lose money because now it's not expensive to customize the platform for future needs.

2. The bounce rate is low because, now, users can easily find what they need and they use a modern tool.

3. The platform loads faster so the users continue to use it instead of jumping to the competitor platforms.