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We start with a promise to honor the world and ourselves with digital clarity, one app at a time.


We are a tribe of curios and agile tech enthusiasts.


We build web and mobile solutions fit to specific goals. Custom apps, as some say.

What's different

We listen to, advise and help organizations take advantage of the right technologies to craft the kind of apps that can go a long way.

But why

To push the limits, adapt, and teach others how to adapt to the digital normal. All for the sake of growth and evolution. This is what we've done, as people, since the dawn of time. And this is what we should be concerned with. Learning from our past, being aware of the present and walking into the future slightly better.

Our manifesto

  1. Be honest with your diagnostics.
  2. Prescribe the most appropriate solutions.
  3. Deliver on your promise.
  4. Care and you'll be cared for.
  5. Know what you do, show what you do.
  6. Stay informed and best yourself.
  7. We are in the same team.
  8. Make tech accessible for all people.
  9. Build solutions capable to evolve.
The Alpha Appes
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Cătălin Tudorache

Co-founder & Tech Consultant

Stubborn, superficial and selfish, founder wanna be, driven by greed and passionate about power. Learned to code by chance.

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Alex Muscă

Co-founder & Tech Consultant

If you’re going to do something, do it right or don’t do it at all. I appreciate beautifully written code and I strive to do the same.